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Oniqua MRO Optimization Software & Consulting

Your company is in need of innovative ways to make a big impact on your business’ bottom line.  For over two decades Oniqua has been achieving impressive results for leading organizations in the miningoil and gasutilities and transportation industries.

The Oniqua Analytics Solution (OAS) increases reliability and safety and reduces downtime risk by optimizing the inventory of parts and supplies used to keep your organization’s assets properly maintained. Asset-intensive organizations may keep too many maintenance supplies on hand, which increases their costs. Or, they have too few of the right spares when they need them, which decreases their productivity. Oniqua optimizes maintenance activities, inventory levels and supplier performance for maximum efficiency, reliability and profitability.

To learn what specific elements of an ideal inventory optimization system, read our whitepaper: "Twelve Best Practices for Inventory Optimization." 

We’ve helped organizations like yours achieve greater performance by increasing service levels and productivity while lowering costs by optimizing their inbound MRO operations. Our advanced MRO optimization solutions and support services can achieve the same impressive results for you as well.

Achieve Proven Results

  • ConocoPhillips reduced its working capital associated with MRO by 10% within six months and lowered inventory levels by another 10%. ROI is expected to exceed 400%.
  • Freeport McMoRan saves $1.5 million annually by simply eliminating repetitive breakdowns and standardizing preventive maintenance.
  • ActewAGL, Australia’s largest multi-utility, reduced inventory by 50% and improved supplier performance by 23%.

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