Master Data Services

Cleanse and Track the Right ERP System Data

Data cleansing is a vital process for organizations upgrading, changing or implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems. Finding the internal resources for the job can be time-consuming and ultimately more costly than outsourcing to the right experts for the job. With 20 years of experience, Oniqua has clearly defined practices and methodologies, quality assurance processes and exceptional project management capabilities to suit your master data requirements. Oniqua’s content teams routinely provide catalog standardization and enrichment services to customers throughout the world.

View/download our article on the Value of Master Data. (PDF)

Our services range from the creation or maintenance of a few items per day to corporate projects, involving hundreds of thousands of items in multiple languages.

Our Master Data Cleansing and Standardization Services

  • Removal of duplicates
  • Application of standards
  • Cross-referencing

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