supply chain management


Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is defined as the systematic, strategic coordination and tactics associated with the value-added flow of materials, finished goods, information, and funds for the purpose of improving performance.

In your maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) operation, effective management of your supply chain is about optimal asset performance and availability. That means delivering the right parts at the right time, efficiently and cost-effectively.

The MRO supply chain is highly complex, addressing multitudes of parts and pieces, suppliers and inventory stockpiles. This complexity can conceal unnecessary costs and service gaps. That’s why sophisticated supply chain management is a key requirement for efficient MRO operations.

MRO supply chain management means enabling effective monitoring of all parts and materials purchased and used for asset management, from requisition, to deployment, through disposal.

MRO management of supply chains helps companies:

  • Reduce inventory holdings.
  • Decrease in replenishment costs.
  • Reduce risk of stock-outs.
  • Drive costs out of maintenance budgets.
  • Improve supplier performance.

Oniqua Analytics Solution (OAS)simplifies and optimizes every link in the inbound MRO supply chain, for a powerful solution that enables total asset optimization.

With OAS providing the analytics for your supply chain management processes, it’s  easier than ever to make smarter decisions, reduce costs and bottlenecks, minimize supplier risks and eliminate waste. And that’s smart MRP supply chain managing.

OAS provides a supply chain management solution that shortens procure-to-pay cycles, enables better supplier management, reduces transactional costs and improves warehouse service levels.

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