inventory control


Inventory Control

Inventory managers need inventory control tools that enable them to determine optimal stock levels for maintenance repair and operations (MRO) spares. A critical aspect of inventory management, inventory control, is a prerequisite to inventory optimization.

This tool helps inventory managers manage tens of thousands of items, each with their own characteristics, requiring complex and time-consuming calculations. Controlling the inventory is part of the proactive management of large inventories, so inventory managers avoid rapidly increasing inventory levels and critical shortages of spare parts. Inventory control at this level requires a structured methodology and powerful MRO analytics tools.

Oniqua Analytics Solution enables inventory optimization by giving inventory managers better inventory control, and the ability to align criticality and safety stock levels with business impact.

Oniqua Analytics Solution provides equipment maintenance capabilities that can enable your organization to create an accurate maintenance budget, track maintenance performance and identify ineffective maintenance activities, helping your organization create an optimized maintenance budget.
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