enterprise asset management


Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions help you keep plant and equipment at top performance, and ensure your assets are safe, reliable and available to support your company's business goals. To maximize the value of your assets, you need a robust set of enterprise capabilities designed to meet the demanding needs of asset intensive organizations.

Today’s asset intensive enterprises are under extreme pressure to minimize costs while maintaining or improving service levels. An EAM application isn’t enough for today’s complex, dynamic business environment.  Sophisticated business intelligence and analytics solutions that leverage enterprise asset management (EAM) and other transactional data are a necessity.

Oniqua Analytics Solution (OAS) extends and enhances business intelligence (BI), enterprise asset management (EAM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) with analytics that provide deeper insights to help improve decision making, minimize maintenance costs and maximize asset performance.

Oniqua Analytics Solution (OAS) adds value to your EAM solution. OAS extracts data directly from enterprise asset management (EAM) and other transactional systems and applies powerful MRO analytics capabilities to identify focus areas of improvement throughout the MRO process. OAS enables businesses to leverage the data from traditional enterprise asset management solutions and intelligently and dynamically align maintenance and supply chain strategies with production imperatives, cost objectives and business risk. A constant data feedback loop back with enterprise asset management (EAM) and other transactional systems delivers continuous operational improvement.

Oniqua Analytics Solution provides equipment maintenance capabilities that can enable your organization to create an accurate maintenance budget, track maintenance performance and identify ineffective maintenance activities, helping your organization create an optimized maintenance budget.