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The Oniqua Standards Dictionary (OSD) is a material and catalog standards database available on an online subscription basis. The taxonomy utilized by OSD owes its heritage to the Auslang standards –< a widely acclaimed implementation of NATO cataloging principles, which has been refined over more than 30 years to meet the needs of asset-intensive industries.

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The OSD database, through keyword searching and image support, provides item names for thousands of materials together with associated attribute sets (descriptive templates), assures materials cataloguers that their material master descriptions are consistently created to  relevant and rigorous standards. Oniqua’s unique one-to-many cross referencing of UNSPSC to Item Names supports industry’s extensive use of the UNSPSC classifications. The unique inclusion of Single Source of Supply (SSoS) and OEM specific names encourages users to adopt best practice naming standards where no standards existed before.  Oniqua has removed non-core industry items from our database, allowing you to receive relevant items quicker.

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Creating a materials master database available for use within engineering systems such as associated parts lists, bills of materials and preventative maintenance plans – synchronized with purchasing and materials management functions -provide the foundation for a multitude of business benefits, such as:

  • Large reduction in time spent searching for materials, thereby improving user satisfaction and efficiency
  • Inventory savings through elimination of duplicates and variety reduction
  • Reductions in time wasted and potential plant failures resulting from incorrect parts
  • Reduced supplier delivery errors and lead times
  • Reductions in purchasing costs
  • Reduced dependence on individual personnel knowledge
  • Ongoing materials rationalization
  • Reduced capital investment
  • Cross supply and centralized purchasing

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