OAS - Supply Chain Effectiveness

Systematically squeeze inefficiencies out of your procure-to-pay processes

Bottlenecks in your supply chain can lengthen your purchase order conversion lead-times, extend payment periods and increase your administrative costs and discrepancy levels, which are costing your organization time and money.

Oniqua Analytics Solution is designed to identify process gaps and issues across MRO in-bound supply chains. Policies and procedures can be created/improved based on the findings, resulting in improved productivity and efficiencies, and higher levels of automation will reduce cycle lead times and overhead costs.



Value ElementCapabilityBenefits
Procure-to-Pay Visibility
  • Identifies procure to pay inefficiencies
  • Implements initiatives to speed the P2P cycle
  • Reports on progress using key KPIs
  • Reduced request to delivery times
  • Improved receipting & invoicing
  • Improved procurement efficiency
Transactional Cost Analysis
  • Quantifies procurement costs
  • Identifies cost optimization action
  • Provides reports for review & action planning
  • Improved cycle times
  • Higher levels of automation
  • Reduced overheads
Warehouse Service Level Analysis
  • Analyzes supplier lead-times
  • Identifies improvement initiatives
  • Provides alerts re lead-time changes over time
  • Improved lead-times
  • Consistency of service delivery
  • Improved customer service levels
Data Quality Audit
  • Identify issues across in-bound supply chains
  • Creates Policy & Procedure improvements
  • Reports on changes in performance over time
  • Faster transactional data flow
  • Improved information gathering
  • Improved performance visibility