OAS - Supplier Performance

Create value by aligning your supplier relationships.

Your suppliers are imperative to your organization. By identifying key suppliers that are critical to your business, your organization can focus its attention on securing improved relationships and eliminating business risk.

Oniqua Analytics Solution helps you identify the hidden and/or administrative costs of doing business with your suppliers. Supplier performance is streamlined to encourage cost reduction and risk mitigation, aligning supplier performance with your business needs.


Value Element Capability Benefits
Supplier Quadrant Analysis
  • Segment suppliers according to their importance to the business
  • Align supplier relationships with the business
  • Improved utilization of staff resources targeting identified risk & value-add
Supplier Performance Analysis
  • Multi-criteria supplier score-cards
  • Automatic performance tracking & alerts
  • Improved supplier performance
  • Identify & improve poor performance
Supplier Management
  • Supplier accreditation
  • Supplier intelligence & relationship management
  • Reduced supply risk
  • Improved communications & relationships
Vendor & Service Master Data Standardization
  • Develop vendor & service data specification/taxonomy
  • Provides Supply Chain professionals with complete vendor data taxonomy
  • Improved supply management efficiency