OAS - Maintenance Effectiveness

Providing a feature rich toolset for analyzing, standardizing and optimizing maintenance activities.

Maintenance represents one of the most significant costs over the lifecycle of an asset. Studies have shown that as much as 30% of maintenance budgets are wasted in ineffective tasks. Performing non-standardized activities performed on similar equipment makes it difficult to identify equipment that is not performing to standard or identifying repetitive "bad actors".

Oniqua Analytics Solution’s maintenance capabilities enable your organization to create an accurate maintenance budget, track maintenance performance and identify ineffective maintenance activities, helping your organization create an optimized maintenance budget.


Maintenance Effectiveness Chart


Value ElementCapabilityBenefits
Maintenance Performance Visibility
  • Track maintenance performance metrics
  • Maintenance activity costing analysis
  • Assess maintenance improvement initiatives
  • Identify sub-optimal resource allocation
Standardize Preventative Maintenance Plans
  • Ensure consistent & complete maintenance activities
  • Standardize and refine tasks and frequencies
  • Identify ineffective maintenance activities
  • Optimized allocation of maintenance resources across equipment types
  • Improved PM effectiveness & reduced costs
Maintenance Budget Analysis
  • Provides comprehensive budget analysis
  • Creates an optimized maintenance budget
  • Improved maintenance programs & resource allocation
  • Maximized asset availability
Bills of Material Analysis
  • Develop accurate & complete BOMs
  • Enhanced materials planning & availability