OAS - Inventory Optimization

Determining MRO stock levels should be a science, not an art.

Determining the optimal stock levels for Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) spares should be a science, not an art. But for most organizations, it represents an impossible numbers game.

Inventory managers are faced with the challenge of managing tens of thousands of items, each with their own characteristics, requiring complex and time-consuming calculations. Without a structured methodology and powerful analytical tools, the proactive management of large inventories becomes an impossible task, resulting in rapidly increasing inventory levels combined with critical shortages of spare parts.

Oniqua Analytics Solution is the world’s leading inventory optimization tool for MRO spares – aligning safety stock with business impact to ensure that you have more of what you need, and less of what you don’t.


Inventory Optimization Chart


Value ElementCapabilityBenefits
Inventory Performance Visibility
  • Track overall inventory performance
  • Inventory segmentation
  • Balance inventory investment with risk
  • Structured inventory methodology
Optimize Consumable and Critical Spares Levels
  • Advanced optimization algorithms
  • Alerting work queues
  • Increased service levels, reduced costs
  • Management by exception
Obsolete & Surplus Stock Disposal
  • Identifies items no longer required by the business for re-sale or disposal
  • Reduced inventory items
  • Reduced costs
Material Master Data Standardization
  • Develop vendor & service data specification/taxonomy
  • Standardized & accurate descriptions
  • Duplicates eliminated
  • Faster catalog searching