OAS - Equipment Performance

Optimizing equipment performance to maximize revenue

Poor equipment performance has a very significant financial impact on your organization either through lost revenue resulting from equipment down-time, or through increased costs resulting from excessive maintenance and repair costs.

Through the Oniqua Analytics Solution capabilities your organization can quickly analyze and understand the performance of your assets from a variety of perspectives and identify problem areas and opportunities for improvement.

By tracking, analyzing and understanding the total cost of ownership over the lifecycle of your assets, your organization is able to make better decisions about the operation, outsourcing, maintenance and replacement of those assets.


Equipment Performance Chart


Value ElementCapabilityBenefits
Asset Performance Visibility
  • Analyzes asset performance
  • Identifies asset improvement opportunities
  • Compare metrics across the enterprise
  • Improved equipment up-time
  • Reduced production, environmental & safety risk
  • Reduced waste
LifeCycle Costing Analysis
  • Analyze total cost of ownership over the lifecycle
  • Assist with asset replacement decisions
  • Improved cost control & forecasting
  • Balanced capital & maintenance expenditures
Component Failure Analysis
  • Rapidly identifies & analyzes failure trends.
  • Less break-downs
  • Reduced repair costs
Equipment Criticality Analysis
  • Rigorous, multi-facetted criticality assessment
  • Identify & manage risk
  • Prioritize resource allocation