Oniqua Analytics Solution

End-to-End Optimization of Your MRO Operations

The Oniqua Analytics Solution (OAS) is the world’s most advanced and comprehensive analytics solution for inbound MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) optimization. OAS provides the unique capability to perform end-to-end analysis of MRO inventory, maintenance and procurement activities transforms raw data into actionable information for smarter decision making and turns profit-draining waste into bottom-line savings.

Addressing Every Stakeholder’s Needs

OAS enables organizations to address all major areas of inbound MRO optimization from equipment maintenance through to spare parts inventory optimization and supply chain performance. By aligning all customer functional teams and providing high levels of visibility, businesses are able to boost their return on assets and reduce working capital requirements.

Comprehensive reporting capabilities provide corporate visibility to operations and supply chain executives while key performance indicators help operations personnel to accurately measure and optimize asset performance. Plant managers can align their resources with a shared understanding of business imperatives as business conditions change while knowledge workers and practitioners can make precise measurements, and integrate detailed business activities in a value-driven context.

What Will OAS Do for You?

VP of Operations
CIO & IT Directors
CFO & Finance
Supply Chain Managers
Plant Managers & Practitioners

View/download the OAS brochure. (PDF)

OAS “Secret Sauce” – Balancing Cost and Risk

Underlying the Oniqua Analytics Solution is our IQ Technology™, which leverages sophisticated algorithms and analytics capabilities to enable customers to intelligently balance costs and risk across maintenance and supply chain operations. OAS extracts data from ERP, EAM and other transactional systems, then advanced data segmentation and profiling methodologies take over to help users dynamically align maintenance and supply chain strategies with production imperatives, cost objectives and business risk. A constant data feedback loop back into transactional systems delivers continuous operational improvement.


Key features of OAS include:

  • Scalable, enterprise-level architecture
  • Integrated inventory, procurement and maintenance capabilities
  • Compatible with all major ERP, EAM and other transactional systems
  • Hybrid rich-client and web portal user interface
  • Work queues provide a powerful way of highlighting and prioritizing issues and variations from policy to ensure that issues are systematically and consistently addressed
  • Sophisticated statistical optimization algorithms and segmentation methodology
  • Out-of-the-box business rules, metrics and analytical reports, yet highly configurable

Read our technical whitepaper on the Oniqua Analytics Solution. (PDF)

Visit our inventory, maintenance and procurement solution pages for more details on specific OAS capabilities.


What makes the Oniqua Analytics Solution different from ERP and Business Intelligence (BI) applications?

Oniqua Analytics Solution (OAS) is not an ERP or BI application, but complementary to them.

If you equate your company to a high-performance vehicle, ERP would be the engine, BI would be the dashboard and OAS would be the engine management system – intelligently working to optimize your performance.