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Energize Asset Performance with Oniqua

As a Utilities owner/operator, you depend on the reliable, efficient, low-cost operation of your assets, whether they are traditional power generation plants, renewable resources, aging transmission and distribution (T&D) equipment or new Smart Grid systems. Have you looked at the impact of your inventory and maintenance systems on this reliability and cost? Oniqua has.

Oniqua Analytics Solution (OAS) helps you improve the performance of your MRO
assets. To lower costs, enhance operational performance and improve service levels, OAS mro utilities
helps you monitor, analyze and adjust your maintenance and supply chain activities.

Do you want to:

  • Mitigate risks to production?
  • Improve the overall performance and efficiency of your operations?
  • Maintain high levels of power plant and power system reliability while reducing your spares inventory?
  • Improve the productivity of your maintenance crews by providing them the parts they need, when they need them?
  • Reduce the cost of maintaining your spares inventory for your generation and T&D assets?
  • Consolidate spares inventories across regions and distribution centers, or as a result of a merger or acquisition?
  • Reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of your parts procurement processes?
  • Decrease the costs of maintaining your power generation and T&D assets, all while improving asset reliability?

And do you want to achieve all of this:

  • Without a long, complex software implementation?
  • Without significant organizational impact, disruption or risk?
  • Without a large capital outlay?

View/download an article: "For Utilities, a Back-to-Basics Approach to Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) Can Significantly Reduce Cost and Risk." (PDF)

Oniqua can help you reduce the total cost of ownership of your assets across their entire lifecycle. Oniqua is an industry leader in analytics-based MRO optimization for asset-intensive industries and has helped a variety of Utilities just like yours optimize the performance of their assets. Oniqua’s award-winning analytics software solutions can help you minimize asset-related inefficiencies by leveraging the data stored in transactional systems across your organization.

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