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Oil & Gas / Petrochemical

Prevent Unplanned Events and Manage Risk with MRO Optimization

Oniqua MRO Optimization Software for Mining, Utilities, Transportation, Oil & Gas

Surging energy demands. Global economic uncertainty. Tougher regulatory requirements everywhere you look.

No wonder oil & gas and petrochemical companies are scrambling for better ways to:

  • Mitigate production risks
  • Alleviate risks to public safety and the environment
  • Ensure the safety and reliability of assets and infrastructure
  • Improve operational and plant efficiencies
  • Optimize supply chain processes

Professionals responsible for production operations, refinery processing or pipeline integrity need to be able to control costs while ensuring top production. They need to avoid disruptions to productivity. And they need to be ready to respond quickly if an unplanned event should occur.

But today’s complex maintenance and supply chain processes present challenges that can threaten the ability of any MRO operation to manage risk and meet corporate objectives.

That’s why companies like ConocoPhillips, BP and Santos rely on Oniqua to help them manage risk, improve operational efficiencies and maximize asset performance by optimizing MRO operations. Oniqua is helping companies like yours around the world mitigate production and environmental risks, contain costs, and deal effectively with the unpredictability of supply and demand.

Oniqua Analytics Solution (OAS), our MRO analytics software, leverages advanced analytics capabilities to continuously improve the operational efficiencies and business performance of asset-intensive oil and gas organizations.

Read our case study to learn how one company worked with Oniqua to roll out OAS across 26 business units around the world, reduce working capital associated with MRO by 10%, and achieve a 400% return on its OAS investment.