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Supply Chain Optimization Software Oniqua Analytics Solution 6.4 SP1: Overview

Oniqua Analytics Solution 6.4 Service Pack 1: Overview

With Oniqua Analytics Solution (OAS) 6.4, we changed the MRO analytics game. OAS 6.4 Service Pack 1 (SP1) puts the game on a whole new playing field.

Break down costly barriers to MRO excellence, and uncover new sources of value across the full spectrum of your MRO supply chain and asset maintenance operations. Boost your MRO optimization initiatives and productivity in ways that will make your company’s management sit up and take notice.



OAS icon What’s new with OAS 6.4 SP1 - Cool tools to work smarter


OAS 6.4 SP1 Dashboard

Improve productivity and deliver on business KPIs

Custom dashboards give you exactly the KPIs you need to optimize your work, while new management reports provide detail on user activity, projected inventory surplus reduction and work queues. The new web-based Help tool gives you convenient online access to support, 24x7.

Boost inventory optimization efforts

Now you can have more influence on the way OAS forecasts and calculates reorder levels, reduce slow moving inventory without compromising service levels and enjoy greater stock item visibility.

Shave hours off periodic updates

OAS Metric calculations has been turbo-charged to achieve further performance improvements. The metric data generation processes run now 3-4 times faster.


OAS icon OAS 6.4 SP1 functionality enhancements - Your favorites, only better


Project Inventory Savings Report

With the hundreds of customer generated change requests we’ve incorporated into OAS 6.4 and OAS 6.4 SP1, you’ll discover new favorite features and enjoy noticeable improvements in those you already love to use. These are just a few of the new features OAS 6.4 SP1 delivers:

  • User dashboards
  • Improved forecast modelling
  • New reordering model
  • Work Queues by business unit
  • Elegant MRP/Lot Size validation
  • Better export control and validation
  • Easy attachments
  • Copy Special templates
  • Enhanced Distinct Values
  • Convenient web based help and support
  • Integrated web based portal user interface
  • Simplified system management and application administration
  • Connector backward compatibility for easier upgrades


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